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Henry's Highlights

Lyrical Lineage

Henry Gross (born April 1, 1951) grew up in a musical family -- his mother briefly performed with New York's Metropolitan Opera Chorus, and Gross himself was playing in the city's clubs by the time he was 14.

Redesigning The 50s

In 1969, Gross became a founding member of the doo wop revival group Sha Na Na, performing with them at the Fillmore and Woodstock. However, Gross left the group the following year and landed a contract with ABC Dunhill Records in 1971;

Solid Gold Setter

Henry's solid gold single "Shannon," a song inspired by the death of Carl Wilson’s dog named Shannon, was released from the album "Release" in 1976.

True Troubadour

Henry also has a thriving career as a songwriter, penning the Blackhawk hit "Big Guitar" with the band's Henry Paul, as well as writing songs for Ronnie Milsap, Sonny Burgess, Cindy Lauper, Judy Collins, and Mary Travers.

One-Hit Wanderer

One Man's Musical Journey

Heartache, triumph and love can be found in anyone's life, but put it to music and then you have the makings of an artist. Henry Gross explores his fascinating history in this electrifying one man show. With music, jocularity and a great deal of nostalgia, Henry's stories and songs will take you back. Join Henry at a performing arts theater near you and feel what it is like to have "a" hit.
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Keep On Rockin'

Henry Is Currently On Tour

With over 15 albums spanning a 30 year career, Henry Gross has a song for every occasion and town. His eclectic musicality and hilarious personality makes him one of the most sought after performers. Henry brings nostalgia with his older music and introspection and humor with his latest releases. Henry always performs, with his trademark falsetto, "Shannon" and tells the story of the song and how the hit affected his life. Don't miss any of Henry's upcoming shows in your area.
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Throughout Henry's expansive career, he has produced over 15 albums some of which hold over 20 tracks on them. Here is your opportunity to purchase them. There are CD's, CD combination packages, rare vinyl and creative merchandise made especially for Henry Gross fans. Check out our shop now!
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Three New Albums For Sale!

"Well I don't want to shock you... but I've got a plan!"

The current crop of music mavens say that making CD's is history, nostalgia for out of touch "oldsters." People don't have the time interest or attention span to listen. I, for one, couldn't care less what they say. There are still plenty of folks like me who love to hear the Full Monty of a wave file over big speakers. For those of us committed to making music till the wheels fall off it doesn't matter how many we sell. Sure we'd love to make back part or all of our investment in time and money- maybe even make a few Drachmas, but we have no choice. This is who we are and this is how we do!

Having said that in full awareness that many won't care.... but hopefully many will... I have just put three... thats right, THREE new CD's up on this site. They include 62 tracks recorded since my last CD releases. John McLane and I worked tirelessly to confound you with my usual melange of songs written and performed in every musical style I could wander into and then sequenced them in ways designed to simultaneously comfort and jar, hopefully you, the listener.

CD#1 is appropriately called "MIXED MESSAGES." 19 tracks, mostly new, a few updated, as all my songs, musically and lyrically are, for me, works in progress. This is simply the best I can do!

CD#2 is called "STORIES I'VE LIVED TO TELL." The title says it all. This is the short one with ONLY 16 TRACKS including my first ever studio re- recording of "SHANNON." Thought I should do this while I can, according to me anyway, still hit the high notes. Songs go from Hard Rock to a Scottish ballad to a 1959 Greenwich Village style tribute to Lord Buckley!

CD#3 is called "NEW ORLEANS, NEW ORLEANS." There are 26, that's right, 26 songs from the romantic comedy musical I wrote, along with the "BOOK" I co wrote with the brilliant writer/director/ actor and humorist, Ed Greenberg. While he was directing my "One Hit Wanderer" one man show several years ago we stumbled on a unique story idea no one's ever done. It's a riot! I then took some of my best songs and rewrote lyrics to fit the story as well as at least a normal CD and a half's worth of new songs. A mammoth undertaking we hope to see on stage someday and perhaps this novel approach of releasing my versions of the songs first will help us find a serious third party interested in reading "The Book" and sharing our dream of seeing it produced. As I wrote years ago: "What You Dream Is What You Get!" I still believe it today.

All the music was recorded and performed with my partner in crime, John McLane, who's generosity and multi talents have made the continuation of my recording journey possible over the past 15? years!

Once again, as has become a tradition over the years, the photos and design of the CD covers was done by my long time pal Steve Satterwhite and, as you'll see, are among his best.... which, in my opinion, is saying something.

Song Sampler

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The Great Days

The Story Behind The Video

The following is a message from my dear friend, Patti Petow, who continually uses her considerable talents as a publicist and now a filmmaker to help bring my music to a wider audience. Her idea to let fans and friends contribute great moments from their lives was a brilliant way to bring the message of the song home. To quote Buzzy Linhart: “Ya gotta have friends”. And I’m certainly lucky to claim Patty as mine. Henry
"I truly love Henry Gross. A prolific lyricist engaging performer, his music is as relevant today as it has ever been and keeps rocking us all along. When I heard “The Great Days” it brought back good times – those great, singular moments that carry us through to even better times. The message Henry brings us through “The Great Days” is a universal one, one that touches each and every being – that evokes heartfelt sentiments of days spent laughing with loved ones, of triumphing over adversity, of kindnesses given and received. Of love. It made me want to celebrate those feelings. And what better way to celebrate feelings elicited through Henry's generous gift of music than through his fans! This photo/video montage is my attempt to give a little back to Henry and thank him for gifting us with his talents. The photos have been donated by friends and fans and honor the love and strength of the human spirit. Thank you to all who shared a photo for this video. To the Great Days!" - Patti Petow

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